The time was set by the new Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition development car in February 2020 during its final performance evaluation. Consultez le record du tour, la disposition, l'histoire, le classement des équipes et des pilotes, les vainqueurs de la course et les podiums de cette piste légendaire au Japon. アジアロードレース; SUZUKA Race of Asia; 参加型レース / 国際レーシングコース. Dubbed the most extreme Type R on the face of the planet, the Civic has obliterated the track record at the famous Suzuka Circuit with a lap time of 2:23.993 seconds. This definitely won't be faster. The Civic Type R Limited Edition did 2:29.993 Renault had managed to lap Suzuka in 2 minutes 25.4 seconds at the end of 2019. Last we heard of the hardcore Honda Civic Type R (FK8) Limited Edition, Honda released a 15-second teaser of it setting paces on the iconic Suzuka Circuit.
The Lap Record for a particular circuit is the fastest time ever recorded in a Formula One … Yes, Honda’s new limited edition model is now the fastest front-wheel drive production vehicle to ever complete a lap at the world-renowned Formula 1 race track. Suzuka is one of Japan’s most famous tracks and one that Honda calls home. The Suzuka Circuit is home to a number of motorsport events, including the Japanese Grand Prix, Suzuka 8 Hours (Motorcycle Endurance) and the WTCC (World Touring Car Championship). The circuit was designed in 1962 by a Dutchman, John ‘Hans’ Hugenholtz. It managed to complete the 5.8km run in just 2min 23.993sec. The most extreme road-going Megane has another record up its sleeve, setting a 2-minute and 25 seconds lap at the 5.8-kilometer-long Suzuka circuit in Japan. * Please note that the contents are subject to change without prior notice. This page used to have Raikkonen's lap record from the 2005 GP so i'm putting that back. Suzuka is, of course, a circuit with which Honda is intimately familiar, having originally built it as a test facility. where is the CIVIC TYPE R Limited Edition? Previously, the record was set in 2005 by Kimi Raikkonen with a time of 1:31.540. Take a closer look at one of the drivers' favourite circuits - and host of 12 world championship-deciding races. SUZUKA CIRCUIT Race Record. The record time, set on November 26 by Laurent Hurgon – who already holds multiple records driving different generations of the car – is 2’25’’454 . And now, it has a new front-wheel-dr through measures such as strategic reduction of sound-deadening materials. Records are made only to be broken. Previously, the record was held by Renault Megane RS Trophy-R, the track-focussed version of the performance version of Megane hatchback. TOP; SUZUKA CIRCUIT Race Record; 4-wheel Course Record * Due to the FIM rules, the qualifying time is not considered as the track record. The 2021 Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition has become the new record-holder at the famed Suzuka International Racing Circuit in Japan. This new lap record is accomplished with a front-wheel drive. © Mobilityland Corporation All Rights Reserved.Kochira (Kochira family) is an original character of MOBILITYLAND designed by Mr. Osamu Tezuka. Suzuka circuit information Suzuka was originally built by Honda as a test track and opened in 1962. video, added data for BMW M550i xDrive (G30 facelift). —Preceding unsigned comment added by 15:12, 8 September 2007 (UTC) Fastest MotoGP Lap Record The 5.8-kilometer Suzuka track doesn’t need an introduction. Situé à Suzuka, soit à 50 km de Nagoya et 150 km d'Osaka, il a été conçu par le designer néerlandais John Hugenholtz. It set the new FWD record at the world-renowned Suzuka Circuit in Japan. The new MEGANE R.S TROPHY-R set a new absolute official record and a reference time for a production city-car on the 5.8-kilometre-long Suzuka circuit, which has 18 curves. Conquering Suzuka With Speed Well, the wait is over! * Due to the FIM rules, the qualifying time is not considered as the track record. The Suzuka Circuit is a 5.8 km track famous for its high-speed chicanes and challenging corners, incorporated in a 'figure eight' layout that includes a long 1.2 km back straight that passes over an earlier part of the circuit. Bergers pole was 1:40 in 1987....intermediate between Koenigsegg and modern F1 cars. (c)TEZUKA PRODUCTIONS, 2019 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND17 Japanese Grand Prix, 2017 Japanese Super Formula Championship Round 1 Suzuka Circuit SUZUKA 2 & 4 RACE, 2013 S-FJ & F4 Race of deciding the best in Japan, 2014 FIA World Touring Car Championship Series, 40th International PokkaGT Summer special, Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli(Pirelli), Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli(International), "Coca-Cola Zero"Suzuka 8hours World Endurance Championship Race, "Coca-Cola"Suzuka 8 hours Endurance Championship Race, PETRONAS ASIA ROAD RACING CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND4, 51th MFJ Grandprix Superbike Race in Suzuka, 47th MFJ Grandprix Superbike Race in Suzuka, 45th MFJ Grandprix Superbike Race in Suzuka, 39th MFJ Grandprix Superbike Race in Suzuka, 43rd MFJ Grandprix Superbike Race in Suzuka. En motocyclisme, les 8 Heures de Suzuka sont un évènement majeur existant depuis 1978. Suzuka is now back on the F1 Circuit for 2009 which i have added. The official lap record for the current circuit layout is 1:30.983, set by Lewis Hamilton during the 2019 Japanese Grand Prix. Yes, Honda’s new limited edition model is now the fastest front-wheel drive production vehicle to ever complete a lap at the world-renowned Formula 1 race track. Voir toutes les infos wiki du circuit F1 de Suzuka. Obviously, due to the danger of an intersecting track, the track does not actually intersect with itself; instead, the back straight passes over the front section by means of an overpass. New front-wheel drive record set at the Suzuka Circuit, with a 2:23:993 lap time; Limited Edition model is most extreme Type R to date; Record further reinforces Civic Type R’s position as a class benchmark; Honda’s most extreme Type R yet, the Civic Type R Limited Edition has set a new 2 mins 23.993 secs lap record 1 for a front-wheel drive car at the world-renowned Suzuka Circuit in Japan 2. Due to its unique layout, Suzuka is a massive test of driver skill and is easily one of the most difficult racing circuits in the world. New finds for Suzuka (East?) Re-opening of Suzuka Circuit and Prevention of Novel Coronavirus and Measures to Prevent the Spread "2019-2020 FIM World Endurance Championship Round 4 The 43th "Coca-Cola" Suzuka 8 hours Endurance Race" will be canceled. Depuis son ouverture, il a accueilli de très nombreuses manifestations, tant moto qu'auto. Designed as a Honda test track in 1962 by John Hugenholtz, Suzuka is a unique circuit, being one of the very few in the world to have a figure 8 layout. This time around, the hot hatch rewrote the record at the Suzuka Circuit in Japan. SHORT course: At 47:41, BM 1995 041:01.21 Honda NSX-R (N1)1:01.35 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec R331:02.40 Nissan Skyline GT-R R331:03.39 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II R321:00.60 Bee Skyline R, BM 2001 12At 24:48 (race cars) and 56:27 (New Beettle RSI)Link:, 0:54.46 Porsche 996 GT3 Cup (race) 370ps 1140kgs Slick Tyres0:55.21 Lotus Motorsport Elise Cup(race) 203ps 700kgs Slick Tyres0:56.79 Ferrari 360 F1 Challenge (race) 400ps 1170kgs Slick Tyres0:58.67 Toyota Altezza Netz Cup (race) 210 ps 1100 kgs Slick Tyres1:00.16 Alfa Romeo GTV Cup (race) 250ps 1260kgs Slick Tyres1:00.69 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII RS (stock) 280ps Semi-Slick Tyres1:01.32 VW New Beetle Cup (race) 204 ps 1170kgs Slick Tyres1:05.76 VW New Beetle RSI (stock). Official English website of Suzuka Circuit.Suzuka Circuit is known as hosted numerous top level races including the Formula One Grand Prix races. It’s owned by automobile giant Honda and was first operational as a test track for the car company in 1962. 1964 Mustang GT had 1:34 at Hockenheim. Fire Ando 1’57”035, Megane RS Trophy R 2'25"454 5,8km, Ferrari F40 2:25.265Driver: Tsuchiya Keiichi (aka Drift King / DoriDori), Ferrari F50 2:26.525Driver: Kurosawa Motoharu (aka Gan-san), Porsche GT2 2:29.148Driver: Nakaya Akihiko, Lamborghini Diablo 2:32.985Driver: Kurosawa Takuya (gan-san's son), Porsche GT3 2:32.988Driver: Hattori Naoki, Ferrari F355 2:33.253Driver: Kinoshita Takayuki. And now Honda has taken to the same track to set the front-wheel-drive production car lap record. With an updated model introduced last year, it seems the Civic Type R is back to shattering track records. SUZUKA 10 HOURS; ソーラーカーレース; SUPER GT; 鈴鹿2&4; スーパーフォーミュラ; 全日本ロードレース; スーパー耐久; その他のレース / 国際レーシングコース. Twenty-five years later it welcomed the Formula One world championship for the first time, albeit with a few revisions to the course to improve safety including the construction of a chicane in front of what had been a very fast final corner. * Photos and illustrations used here are just images. PS2 Tourist Trophy SUZUKA CIRCUIT MOTORCYCLE WORLD RECORD (1.44.695) This is Tool-assisted Speedrun (TAS) or Tool-assisted Playthrough with cutscene. * All the prices mentioned here include tax. Nevertheless, the track is loved by drivers and spectators alike for its challenging design and many opportunities for overtaking. Tsukuba - 704 lap times , 2.1 km / 1.3 miles, Twin Ring Motegi GP - 113 lap times , 4.8 km / 3.0 miles, Fuji Speedway (post 2005) - 68 lap times , 4.6 km / 2.8 miles,,,,,, Then *POOF* it left us wondering more. El Circuito de Suzuka, oficialmente Suzuka International Racing Course, [1] es un autódromo localizado en Suzuka, en la prefectura de Mie, Japón, unos 60 km al suroeste de la ciudad de Nagoya.Ha sido sede del Gran Premio de Japón de Fórmula 1 desde el año 1987 hasta el año 2006 y desde 2009 en adelante. Honda’s most extreme Type R yet, the Civic Type R Limited Edition has set a new 2 mins 23.993 secs lap record1 for a front-wheel drive car at the world-renowned Suzuka Circuit in … It is … The FK8 Limited Edition has just broken the front-wheel-drive track record at Suzuka with a blistering time of 2 minutes 23.993 seconds. With Honda’s recent lap record at Suzuka Circuit, it seems like the car has that down. To nobody’s surprise, the Type R Limited Edition did set the new record at 2 :23.993. Track record: 1:27.1 (Ferrari SF90) Production record: 2:17.0 (One:1) Front … Japans traditional role as the penultimate or final Grand Prix of the season means numerous World Championships have been decided at the track. Le circuit de Suzuka (鈴鹿サーキット, Suzuka Sākitto) est l'un des circuits les plus populaires de sports mécaniques. Considérée comme la 3e course d'endurance la plus importante dans la saison après les 24 heures du … The unofficial all-time track record is 1:27.064, set by Sebastian Vettel during final qualifying for the aforementioned 2019 race. Suzuka is one of the oldest remaining tracks on the Grand Prix circuit, and so has a long history of exciting races.