Directed by Jeffrey Hayden. I think I may be the only one less than overjoyed at Morse buying the house. No one even noticed the clue about the building con. Hi. You want another Blenheim Vale? They did seem more familiar with each other in the “present-day” scenes together, but in terms of references to why that was, again…nothing. (before the ending), Episode Jag Rating – out of 10. That kind of thing does, unfortunately, seem to happen a lot, worldwide, for one reason or another. And they really went for it in Series 5 with Fancy’s death and the closing of the station. I’m not very convinced about ‘concrete cancer’ manifesting itself in a serious way within a year. When Morse and Thursday first interview Dr. Richardson they question him about the book he was reading in the library, ‘Memoirs Of A Voluptuary’. It was a subcamp of Buchenwald concentration camp. Around the two minute mark we see the entrance to the Bodleian Library. It’s a matchbox. His mother was a religious zealot, Oxford was religious only when it had to do with knowledge, not practice. St Edmund Hall is referred as Garstang College in the episode. As I mentioned earlier it was the ending that did it for me – it almost borders on the infamous Dallas scene where Bobby Ewing came out of the shower and the whole last season was just Pam’s dream – it was like “re-set” we are all back to series 5 positions – and worse it was in what the last 5 minutes. So, Burrows was taunting Nicholson with the Jewish artefacts and symbols. At the end of Degüello he moves into his hew home with just his suitcase. Russel Lewis remarked that the record player was not necessary as the scene itself was reverential enough. Once the “beating heart of Oxford”, the entire neighbourhood was demolished to make way for the shopping mall. My Facebook Page; Rio Bravo - El Deguello El Deguello Written by Dimitri Tiomkin RIO BRAVO (USA 1959) Talk between John T. Chance and Colorado Ryan during the" DeGuello" sounds on the background: Colorado Ryan: How'd you come out with Burdette? So if you take the decision to include the development of the characters’ personal lives, a larger ensemble of back stories is bound to intrude into the basic plot. This looks very much like the pub that was used in the previous episode, Confection. Posted by GTT at 7:20 AM No comments: Tuesday, June 23, 2009. Morse was never into that emmocialal “claptrap”, so this wouldn’t have clouded his view of a good deal on a decent house in the Oxford area. Is this something like calling a surgeon Doctor and not mister? Below is the quad of St Edmund Hall seen at around the 10 minute mark. She perished, along with her family, at a labour camp called Mittelbau-Dora. It projects westwards into the Bristol Channel and is the most westerly part of the historic county of Glamorgan. Hopefully in the near future I will be able to add this information to this post. One source of producing and distributing records from local bands and performers was BW Records, a local record label founded by Quentin ‘Reed’ Welty of Wooster, OH. "[6] In it, Keller wrote, "When they sound the 'No Quarter', they'll rise to the slaughter, when they play 'The Deguello', the wail of despair.". I respect everyone’s opinion however those who actually review something and put up well thought out viewpoints and can comment good and bad in the one review I respect the most – anyone can say “best episode ever” or “complete shite” that is not a review. My memory may be fuzzy about this, but I thought she said her ancestor–her grandfather, I believe? . Betray their moral compass and their oath as a policeman or face up to an uncertain future. This episode was only televised on Australian ABC last week. This is a very famous walk and pilgrimage in Europe. 3. Thank you for your review and analysis As always an entertaining and comprehensive adjunct to the series. McGyffin might be a take off of Mcguffin, which was a term Hitchcock favoured. . That was so forced, it had not happened before and there was no reason to add it in now. On the map above there is an inscription, Anemoi. In the first two films mentioned, the same music is used: not the actual Deguello, but music written by film composer Dimitri Tiomkin. So that the scene can contrive Thursday overhearing them. Perhaps a tad hokey. Do you not see that the ‘gunfight’ in the last episode—and other aspects of ‘Endeavour’—are rather operatic. Thanks Chris,lots of information adds to enjoyment of watching Endeavour!!! also appeared in the Lewis episode Generation of Vipers as journalist, Francis Mitchell. These three names a reference to the Oxford Martyrs’. Councillor Clive Burkitt’s secretary is known as…, Miss Lansbury. The worry for his family. Did you discuss the meaning behind the Hebrew words and the implicit reference to the story of the Golem? (I come from the “Tegarden” side of the tracks, but many cousins are Teagardens.) The phrase is ‘Dulce Domum” which literally translated means ‘Sweetly at home’ or simply ‘sweet home’. Some girl he had hopes of.” Mmmmmm portentous observation. Thanks again Chris, will go back over your review again! Whether the genre was Westerns, drama, comedy, film noir, adventure, or war documentary, Tiomkin’s visceral, dramatic underscores helped bring more than 100 feature films to vivid life. Re: Bright and the pelican/traffic detail. (No connection to the Morse universe). This is Queen’s Lane. Mittlebau-Dora was a real concentration camp located near Nordhausen in Thuringia, Germany. Sorry to be so late to the party. Baum is tree in German and garten is garden. What are you saying? Jul 17, 2019 - Explore Julia Webb's board "John Wayne in Rio lobo" on Pinterest. In general terms for me this series has been poor. It’s been a while since I watched the original Morse & I can’t really remember whether there were any long-running stories of greater magnitude than, for example, Lewis’s sergeant’s exam, but perhaps the writers over-reached themselves a bit. As a result, I was actually glad to see that it was only a partial collapse, essentially one corner, and only the upper floors. So true Chris – the acting and production are wonderful. They would have just shot Morse and tried to cover it up. Hi Grace, that’s a great point you make. That makes sense – there were a whole lot of photos of filming scenes with Morse in uniform in front of Joan’s flat yet (and someone correct me if I am wrong as I only saw Pylon via you tube as my streaming service failed) none of that appeared in the episode and I was surprised by that. I wonder what gems and touching moments I missed. On the wall of what was the squat  and soon to become Morse’s house we can see a Latin phrase on the wall. (6) I too thought of the Jago = Iago reference. He probably told Win how much he loved her and his regret at the way he treated her. But, we shall, I assume see that in series 7? I do live in US but I had ordered the DVD’s of Series 7 from ITV so I know how the series goes. I can’t find any link to the Phi collection on this page. When I look at the show in this way, I am more comfortable with what the writer is attempting. Hello Endeavourists and welcome to my review of the FOURTH episode of the new sixth series, Degüello . However, given the longer story arcs started in series five, there was always going to be a denouement. The house that will eventually become his home for the rest of his life. Now, if the house was already in good shape when it was on the market, he has the taste to appreciate it and be attracted to it for that reason, but that’s not what we see. 1. I did enjoy that the pelican man scene brought full circle that a video that Bright was probably enthusiastic about doing originally because it would have been life saving and then was the bane of his life, ended up saving his life. Max had rung Morse up to let him know he’d figured out the muddy footprints and its tie to the quarry, which Morse had also discerned when he got a glimpse at the bootprint on his car door. I hope this post finds you all well my fellow Endeavourists. I don’t mean they decided early on not to pursue it–I mean they filmed it, and then decided to edit it out. So, I have decided to return to University to try and get another degree this time in English Literature. Jago, when passing the envelope with money in it, says to Thursday, “It’s just baksheesh for a blind eye turned.” — Baksheesh is a word used in Asia meaning a small sum of money given as alms, a tip, or a bribe. Again, the reference to the Battle of the Alamo. "[1] It "signifies the act of beheading or throat-cutting and in Spanish history became associated with the battle music, which, in different versions, meant complete destruction of the enemy without mercy. Pylon was an ok start, but really went down hill. I was rather perplexed with your first post because I thought the episode, as a whole, was pretty good, but now that I know it was the ending that made you so mad almost *because* the rest of the episode was so good, it makes a lot more sense. I literally laughed out loud when I read this. Even though this prayer is associated with death and mourning, it does not actually mention death. El Deguello meaning (slit throat) was sounded on the morning March 6, 1836 it was the signal for troops under Generalissmo Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana to begin the final assault on the Alamo compound.Dimitri Tiomkin used the bugle call as the basis for the similarly titled pieces in the‘Alamo’ and ‘Rio Bravo.’ The bugle call was a signal that no quarter was to be given to the rebels within Alamo compound. If you don’t have a WordPress account then enter your email and click the subscribe button. "Play deguello!" In 1882, head librarian E.W.B. It was in the UK version that was broadcast. Subject: RE: El Deguello.wav From: GUEST Date: 07 May 09 - 12:46 AM The Dimitri Tiomkin song used in Rio Bravo and John Wayne's The Alamo is not the original bugal call. You misidentified the song Fred Thursday was playing. Bed and breakfast, Sally Army.” The ‘Sally Ann’ is shorthand for The Salvation Army. ( is his surname to Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars?). I don’t see that as a bad thing though. A few minutes later (in the episode), Morse walks with Thursday in Queen’s Lane hands in pockets, he talks to the porter of Garstang college ditto, and strolls in to the morgue/mortuary with his hands in his pockets. “I was reading a series of interviews with Russell Lewis and was shocked by how many scenes exploring the character’s lives end up on the cutting room floor.”. Episode Jag Rating – out of 10. But Dr Nicholson tried to get the Baumgarden family out but failed and burned Emil’s work as it was inferior and Nicholson didn’t want his friend, Emil, to be ridiculed. While the lettering in the banner to the ‘Oxford Mail’ seems a bit oversized, the look is spot on, isn’t it? Read about El deguello by Dimitri Tiomkin and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. I didn’t think it too hokey at the end. This scene is around the one minute mark. He played Jefferies and his sister was Susan Chapman who was played by Caroline O’Neill who plays Fred’s wife, Winifred. I also think the editing out of the scene with Joan and Morse (for relationship finality or not) that was on all the posters and definitely an advertising hook was not in the episode was very bad editing – unless they decided on another flashback in series 7 (I truly will give up! The above scene has a connection with the Lewis series. There is also an expression that says “tocar a degüello” which is a drumbeat that warns the troops that they have to attack and without taking prisoners, everyone must be killed, even those who surrender. After a year at college I have passed all grades and now will start Edinburgh University in September 2019. 5 No classical music, just can’t understand why? All this is carefully designed to make the viewer’s experience as meaningful as possible, but it is not the way it would happen in reality. You pair should get on Opportunity Knocks. Opera is many things, and one aspect is the conveying of intense emotion unencumbered by references to extraneous realities. He met and fell in love with Deborah Baumgarten who was Jewish. When Dr Nicholson is explaining to Morse and Thursday why he destroyed Emil Baumgarten’;s notebooks he says that every day he recites the Mourner’s Kaddish for Emil Baumgarten. He is now dismantling it to symbolise that the case is closed. It contains the English Faculty Library. In the dead man’s belongings was a glass case which contained the maker Dinkley’s Opticians. The Salvation Army (TSA) is a Protestant Christian church and an international charitable organisation. Even with all your knowledge & your criticisms you came through really liking it in spite of your self and your knowledge prevails– Of course I saw it on the u-tube (which we are not supposed to do) but there is a lady that does produce a really good viewing I subscribe to. Overall I don’t think it has been a great season, with far too much concentration on slipping in fun ‘easter eggs’ at the expense of the actual plots, which tended to be derivative and predictable. And maybe McNutt too? First, I want to say how impressive it is to see ‘Endeavour’ try so hard. Perhaps the author he was mistaken for was a very young Colin Dexter. Not that it would ever become a soap opera, but we could see more of the various characters’ development and certainly more realistic policing. (It’s still available for hire.. Thanks Chris for all the hard work. Because hearing him attacked (I don’t think Endeavour could tell at that point that he was kidnapped, exactly) was the best way to lure him to the worksite. The shoddy construction of the flats & the associated corruption rather reminded me of a similar plot-line in “Our Friends in the North” & the real-life scandal in the North East on which that was based. Last night I rewatched the episode and was struck by how similar it was to the way the original Morse series approached the season’s finales. I think it’s in the miscellaneous section. Hi Chris – sorry you cop that stuff online (which I have been seeing) – I never understand those reactions but it is why now I am not a member of any the public FB pages (I do visit yours) nor any Twitter groups. Thanks very much for another thoroughly well researched and thoughtful review. Jago, et al, knew that if Endeavour heard his friend in danger, he would rush down to the morgue, and if he found him gone (and, I bet, the presence of blood), he would work things out from there. The character Dr. Jasper Nicholson is a nod to Agatha Christie. That’s my guess. This was surely unnecessary and completely melodramatic, 2 the gunfight scene was so bad I was laughing out loud. The above scene is set in St Edmund Hall and the following words, from Isaiah 12:3, are carved on the well-head: “HAVRIETIS AQVAS IN GAVDIO DE FONTIBVS SALVATORIS” (“With joy, you will draw water from the wells of salvation”). The Phi Collection is factual and is part of the Bodleian Library. I miss just having a good stand alone mystery like in the first few series and in morse and Lewis. Why? Thanks for all the nice details! He stumbled and made mistakes. In films, El Degüello varies, sometimes markedly. I think the scene where Strange takes down the picture of George Fancy is to show his ‘investigation’ is now over, rather than any point about the Freemasons. I would prefer if Joan needed to exit. It stops the natural slight swing of the arms in opposition to the motion of the legs. Series 3 had Joan’s departure and the impact on Morse and Fred. I kept waiting to see more flashbacks to flesh this out, but…nothing. I’m assuming that Deborah Teagarden is based on Aurora Teagarden a fictional character created by author Charlaine Harris. I do like the piece put together by Tiomkin, but I do realize that it is not original. Watching Degüello over the weekend I made a couple of connections, which might be of interest to you Chris. In films, El Degüello varies, sometimes markedly. Indiana Jones is saved in much the same way by children in the film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. He speaks to Joan with his hands in his pockets. Do a search on Youtube or a Google video search and you'll find lots of performances, including several of the Mexican calvary call, presumably the true Deguello. I guess the big difference is that the ensemble cast in Endeavour is much larger than in Morse. In the first two films mentioned, the same music is used: not the actual Deguello, but music written by film composer Dimitri Tiomkin.In the third film, it is in the form of a military dirge. At around the 30 minute mark Morse is talking to the porter about Professor Burrowes. Turl Street has been used often in the original Morse, Lewis and Endeavour. Learn more Recent Listening Trend. When Morse meets Joan and Viv he asks Joan, “How you getting on at Cranmer house? I still believe this is a film set and not a real pub. Another great review Chris and moving between different locations. but I suppose life takes it out of the best of us. I suppose the important thing is that it is caused by an incorrect mixture of concrete’s ingredients. “Me and my bloody shadow.”. When Morse eventually relates to Thursday the finding of Hollis Binks body in the basement  of the tower block and his belief that Hollis Binks had find out about the Councillor and McGyffin’s scam in regard to the concrete used to build Cranmer House, Thursday says to Morse, “Say you’re right people like that it only goes one way. I wish to say that this family name has NOTHING to do with trees and has never been interchangeable with Baumgarden. He also wrote; Lewis (TV Series) (screenplay – 4 episodes, 2010 – 2012) (story – 1 episode, 2006) This was surely unnecessary and completely melodramatic.” It has been used a few times in the Endeavour series. ‘Memoirs of a voluptuary’ is one of the books that will confirm foreign prejudice that British Public Schools are hotbeds of homosexual activity. When Thursday and Morse return to the police station after the shoot out, Thursday says, “Put the black spot on all of them.” The Black Spot is a literary device invented by Robert Louis Stevenson for his novel Treasure Island. This article is about the bugle call. It certainly reference the battle of the Alamo but it isn’t Mexicali Rose as linked on your page. It was him wasn’t it? Endeavour fans hate when you or I criticize the program for being less than what it could be. The name does certainly come from German, but it is a corruption of “Thier” and “Garten”–that is to say, an ANIMAL garden (I’m cool with “zoo”). I'm afraid her dementia worsened as did her physical capabilities. YouTube - Rio Bravo - El Deguello - Dimitri Tiomkin. It was also widely used by Simon Bolivar's armies, notably during the Battle of Junin[2] and the Battle of Ayacucho. El Deguello meaning (slit throat) was sounded on the morning March 6, 1836 it was the signal for troops under Generalissmo Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana to begin the final assault on the Alamo compound.Dimitri Tiomkin used the bugle call as the basis for … Or did I mishear that? This is Catte Street very close to the Radcliffe Camera. When Ronnie takes Fred to meet McGyffin and the councillor, Fred wonders who is in charge. The pen-name sub plot is not in the movie but in the novel, Martins’ pen-name is Buck Dexter. The title is from The Alamo and the classic Western Rio Bravo starring John Wayne. Morse says, “How’s that?” The porter replies, ” Same as most men, I suppose, sir. gb. Spotted by a commentator in the tabloids…. I’m not sure if anybody has pointed this out but the character of Lucy Paroo shares her surname with the character of Marian Paroo who’s from the Broadway musical “The Music Man.” Marian is a librarian so it’s a neat coincidence. He was saved by kids in “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” In “Temple of Doom,” of course, he saves a bunch of kids (with the help of the British Indian Army, with Bright in attendance). Dimitri Tiomkin had already collaborated with director Howard Hawks in 1948 with one of the truly great American westerns and one of the greatest western scores-"Red River" when director and composer came together again in 1959 with "Rio Bravo" with very similar results. After all, I don’t think any of us are looking for the standard police procedural by watching the young Morse. I think it demonstrates that when push comes to shove, the directors usually decide to let the plot drive the final production. When he showed up at the collapsed tower, he immediately took over and sent his traffic cops in to the rescue, and I’m sure they were thrilled to get a chance to do something serious. As far as I’m aware the scripts are not available but there are transcripts of some Endeavour episodes at this site, I know very tenuous. In the background you can see All Souls College. The Latin phrase circled in red is, ‘dulce domum’. This is Holywell Street in Oxford. I still feel that this was a very poor episode in a relatively lackluster series overall. On other matters I do wonder how long the black Jag can realistically keep going in police service. Ian Burfield  appeared in the Lewis episode, ‘And the Moonbeams Kissed the Sea’. With Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Roger Smith, Edd Byrnes, Louis Quinn. I did think the shootout was perhaps a little melodramatic & clumsily handled for Morse. It is an instrumental in the two John Wayne films Rio Bravo (1959) and The Alamo (1960), and was also used in The Alamo (2004). Can you help me out? Too, to be sure you can listen to excerpts all over the internet, YouTube especially. Debbie T. Wasn’t Jack Teagarden a great trombonist? But I’m hoping that classical music will always play a major role in my experience of Endeavour. Here was a production in which music played an upfront role—not just background music but a proud statement in its own right. Grace Burt.