Outside a cafe, a man dressed in a sultan costume tried to lure patrons with the promise of fresh pastries and socially distant indoor seating. Everything is Ready at Istanbul Airport for a Safe Travel! Passengers using an e-passport can sanitize the contact surfaces of their passport using the UV (ultraviolet) e-passport system. The flight and cabin crew use appropriate personal protective equipment. However, most likely I must have an airline ticket to be allowed to enter the airport terminal. There is no need to have an account on e-Pulse app to view the results. How will the rules (operations such as pat down search) be applied at security checkpoints and how will the hygiene be ensured? Hotels also offered indoor and outdoor dining for visitors. How will the social distance rule be ensured at security checkpoints? Much of Europe is currently under some form of lockdown. Disposable sheets are available for passengers free of charge. A man photographs Istanbul’s historic skyline from an almost empty passenger ferry. Within the scope of coronavirus (COVID-19) measures, it is obligatory to wear a mask in public transportation vehicles and do not leave your home / workplace without first taking your personal protective equipment such as a mask. Apart from Istanbul Airport, testing can be done at the test centers of all public and private hospitals located within the provincial borders of Istanbul. The measures have been taken with plexiglass barrier application at areas such as check-in counter, passport, tax office, exchange offices, information desks, commercial areas, boarding gates, boarding counters, ATM’s, food and beverage courts etc. The occupancy rate on all vehicles is reduced by 50%. The terminal is supplied with fresh air 24/7. ISTANBUL, Nov. 17 (Xinhua) -- Istanbul, Turkey's worst-hit city by the COVID-19 pandemic, imposed on Tuesday new restrictions to control the spike in the daily cases. For the buggy service inside of the terminal, the separators have been placed between seats. Hand sanitizer dispensers are available at certain locations in Sleepod areas. Von nicht notwendigen, touristischen Reisen nach Antigua und Barbuda wird derzeit aufgrund fortbestehender Einreisebeschränkungen abgeraten.. Epidemiologische Lage Antigua und Barbuda war von COVID-19 bislang kaum betroffen. “It should be this free and relaxed everywhere. Toilets are also provided with hand sanitizers. Automatic sensor sanitizers have been place in front of cash desks. All seating areas have been rearranged according to social distancing rules. Die Ausbreitung von COVID-19 führt weiterhin zu Einschränkungen im internationalen Luft- und Reiseverkehr und Beeinträchtigungen des öffentlichen Lebens.. have been made available for guests. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. For service, the disposable products such as fork, spoon and knife, spice, glass etc. Please enable scripts and reload this page. The elevators, escalators-travellators and all closed areas are disinfected periodically, the passenger bridges are disinfected after each flight and the electrical vehicles, trolley, wheelchairs and all kinds of wheeled vehicles are disinfected after each use. Hence, only a limited number of persons will be allowed to enter the stores, depending on the size of each store. Personal distance and isolation at payment points are ensured by shields placed between passengers and payment assistants. “We felt like animals locked in a cage for too long and we wanted to escape and see a new place with different energy and culture.”. Food tasting and make-up testers have been suspended for reasons of personal health and safety. The sitting areas have been organized according to the social distance and the warning labels intended for proper use have been adhered. As the world is facing an unprecedented global health, social and economic emergency with the COVID-19 pandemic, travel and tourism is among the most affected sectors with airplanes on the ground, hotels closed and travel restrictions put in place in virtually all countries around the world. Please be advised to contact the representation office and airline companies of the relevant countries. The city’s strict weekend curfew doesn’t apply to foreign visitors, who are free to roam the city, even as Turkey’s Covid-19 cases spike. After careful consideration surrounding the COVID-19 situation, Istanbul Tourist Pass has decided to cease operations from close of business today, 17 March 2020, until mid-April. The Turkish government is, as a result, rapidly easing restrictions. The COVID-19 crisis is a watershed moment to align the effort of sustaining livelihoods dependent on tourism to the SDGs and ensuring a more resilient, inclusive, carbon neutral, and resource efficient future. The seating areas have been rearranged in accordance with social distancing rules to safeguard passengers’ health and safety while they enjoy their time. The filter cleaning operations at air conditioning plants are made with the products preventing organism formation and the maintenance period has been decrease from 6 months to 3 months. La COVID-19 est ‘la’ crise globale de notre époque et le plus grand défi auquel nous ayons été confrontés depuis la Seconde Guerre mondiale. The first case in Turkey was recorded on 11 March, when a local returned home [note 1] from a trip to Europe. Also, I know with the COVID-19 is causing issues with tourism, I'm just wondering if I visit the city like the Hagia Sophia? But Not if You’re a Tourist. The Organization also reiterates the need for credible commitment to support tourism as a pillar for recovery. The floors of passenger buses operated by ground handling services are marked with social distancing tape for safe passenger transport from the aircraft to the terminal and vice versa. “Everybody makes such a fuss about the virus, but most people who have had it are fine,” she said, as she fed a stray dog the leftovers of her chicken kebab wrap. Which kinds of measures are taken in order to protect social distance in common areas? All playgrounds at İGA Lounge are temporarily closed to protect the health and safety of children. In order to prevent affecting adversely from capacity decrease, the public transport trips are organized according to the flight timetable. Basically, we are giving them the green light to spread the virus.”. The Turkish government is, as a result, rapidly easing restrictions. Health screening and temperature checks are carried out at airports and anybody found to have COVID-19 symptoms is taken to a medical facility for testing. Across Europe, a strict new set of lockdown measures has emptied the streets of cities like Rome, Paris and London, where hordes of tourists usually crowd the streets. Click for details. One of the criteria to become eligible for PCR testing at the airport’s international terminal is to have a flight ticket. The relevant personnel follow up whether the passengers walk according to the social distance or not. Passengers and visitors not wearing a mask will be denied both access to the terminal and boarding to protect public health. Apostolic vicar to Istanbul in intensive care because of COVID-19 Bishop Rubén Tierrablanca González has been in critical conditions for the past week at the Koç University Hospital. Hand sanitizers are available in all areas open to passengers from the moment they enter the terminal building. The country’s tourism sector is poised to shrink by 70 percent this year, bringing in 15 million visitors and more than $11 billion in revenue, a steep drop from the 45 million visitors and $35 billion in revenue in 2019, according to statistics from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Personal protective equipment vending machines are available within the terminal. All the museums, sports facilities, pools and cultural centers operating under the municipality would close their doors from Nov. 19, the Istanbul municipality announced in a written statement. How the cleaning and ventilation are done in the airport under Covid-19 measures? New Covid-19 guidelines in PDF format are available below for download: Seychelles Visitor Travel Advisory -12th November 2020. The body temperature of all passengers is checked by thermal camera screening at the terminal entrance. available in common spaces are put into use in accordance with social distancing rules. In our airport which has the greatest and largest terminal of the World under one roof, the social distance markings have been made on the floor with foot print labels at all areas (security points, check-in, passport, food-beverage courts, sterilized lounges, passenger bridges, boarding, around baggage claim carousels, ticket sales zones, ATM’s etc.) Our citizens can get the information they need from the mentioned public institutions by phone or the internet; or call the Ministry of Health Hotline (184). How long do the procedures take? The video content includes general information about the virus, how the virus spreads, its symptoms and what to do if these symptoms occur, virus protection methods, travel history, and how to most effectively wash hands. Hourly bacterial swab testing is applied to all cooking and service staff. “It’s certainly a unique experience to have a city to yourself,” said Marc Heroux, a 48-year-old French financial analyst, who spent the day exploring museums with a friend visiting from Germany. Will the hand sanitizers be available in the airport? The return-to-work examinations of our personnel who will go back to work after leave/report are made, our personnel diagnosed as possible case and positive COVID after examination are referred to the hospital. At restrooms, the plexiglass separators have been placed to the urinals and sinks at human height level. By the end of the first quarter of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic had brought international travel to an abrupt halt and significantly impacted the tourism industry. The video content includes general information about the virus, how the virus spreads, its symptoms and what to do if these symptoms occur, virus protection methods, travel history, and how to most effectively wash hands. The vehicles are made prepared for next trip by disinfecting at the end of each trip. Istanbul Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu said 186 people had died of infectious diseases in the city on Nov. 22 - a day on which the government announced just 139 COVID-19 … However, it may take up to 6 and 8 hours due to various reasons such as the need to rerun a test, system failure etc. The government has reported fewer than 1,000 novel coronavirus cases a … COVID-19 news updates Support wanes for Go To Travel campaign as coronavirus continues to spread Captured history: A collection of milestones in early images of Japan All vehicles are provided with hand sanitizers for convenient personal hygiene. Do I have to pay in cash or by credit card? The majority of tourists currently visiting the city are young and adventurous, Mr. Uygur said, expressing concern that they might get restless with so many of the city’s attractions closed off. Read the entire Travel Advisory. Queuing at all service points is arranged in accordance with social distancing rules. Queuing areas at cashier’s desks are provided with floor stickers to maintain the required physical distance. and it feels very safe,” he said. Buggy shuttle service vehicles are disinfected after each use. The tables and chairs are cleaned at certain intervals as well as they are also disinfected with cleaners containing at least 70% alcohol after each use. Contactless soap and towel dispensers are available at WCs. The disposable personal hygiene material wastes available in the aircraft are managed by the Ground Handling Company in accordance with the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization Circular. Most museums, including the Topkapi and Dolmabahce palaces, stayed open for tourists over the weekend, and some restaurants in the old city of Sultanahmet secretly opened doors for visitors willing to eat inside. Answered: I figured to do a long layover in Istanbul on my way back to US on July 15. “I think COVID-19 will end up being a wake-up call for governments in Africa that tourism is such a crucial part of the economy,” says Swaniker. This barcode is used to track and follow-up the test registration, test run and result delivery procedures. You feel like a V.I.P. Das waren 14,4 Prozent. The use of hand search for baggage at our devices with explosive detection system (EDS) equipment feature is limited as minimum.