Shall I begin with speaking) Tj T* -0.1426 Tc 0.2626 Tw (openly of my passion, that she may see my hopes have inspired me) Tj T* -0.0975 Tc 0.2175 Tw (with boldness? /F0 6 0 R 0000042232 00000 n /F0 6 0 R endobj /Font << endobj 3899 << >> /Length 20 0 R >> 259 0 obj >> 72 0 obj The print version of this textbook is ISBN: 9782011610614, 2011610613. 104 0 obj endobj Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.1309 Tc 0.2509 Tw (The Chevalier de Guise had given him some jealousy, but as it was) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0482 Tc 0.1682 Tw (rather grounded on the merit of that Prince than on any action of) Tj T* -0.0835 Tc 0.2035 Tw (Mademoiselle de Chartres, he made it his whole endeavour to) Tj T* -0.0845 Tc 0.2045 Tw (discover, if he was so happy as to have his addresses admitted) Tj T* -0.0213 Tc 0.1413 Tw (and approved: he had no opportunity of seeing her but at Court or) Tj T* -0.1195 Tc 0.2395 Tw (public assemblies, so that it was very difficult for him to get a) Tj T* -0.057 Tc 0.177 Tw (private conversation with her; at last he found means to do it,) Tj T* -0.1315 Tc 0.2515 Tw (and informed her of his intention and of his love, with all the) Tj T* -0.0785 Tc 0.1985 Tw (respect imaginable. Torturé de soupçons et de jalousie, le prince se croit trompé. /F0 6 0 R /Length 77 0 R /Resources << Tj ET endstream 330 0 obj /Type /Page /Font << Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.1272 Tc 0.2472 Tw ("The Dauphin commanded at that time the King's Army in) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0424 Tc 0.1624 Tw (Champaign, and had reduced that of the Emperor to such) Tj T* -0.0785 Tc 0.1985 Tw (extremities, that it must have entirely perished, had not the) Tj T* -0.0437 Tc 0.1637 Tw (Duchess d'Etampes, for fear too great successes should make us) Tj T* -0.0833 Tc 0.2033 Tw (refuse peace, and the Emperor's alliance in favour of the Duke of) Tj T* -0.1 Tc 0.22 Tw (Orleans, secretly advised the enemy to surprise Espemai and) Tj T* -0.107 Tc 0.227 Tw (Cheteau-Thieni, in which places were great magazines of) Tj T* -0.0812 Tc 0.2012 Tw (provisions; they succeeded in the attempt, and by that means) Tj T* -0.1074 Tc 0.2274 Tw (saved their whole army.) I had a) Tj T* -0.0779 Tc 0.1979 Tw (desire to bring down your pride, by letting you see, that my) Tj T* -0.0986 Tc 0.2186 Tw (passion for you declined of itself: I thought I should by this) Tj T* -0.1146 Tc 0.2346 Tw (lessen the value of the sacrifice you had made of me, and was) Tj T* -0.1108 Tc 0.2308 Tw (loth you should have the pleasure of appearing more amiable in) Tj T* -0.086 Tc 0.206 Tw (the eyes of another, by showing her how much I loved you; I) Tj T* -0.0792 Tc 0.1992 Tw (resolved to write to you in a cold and languishing manner, that) Tj T* -0.0939 Tc 0.2139 Tw (she, to whom you gave my letters, might perceive my love was at) Tj T* -0.119 Tc 0.239 Tw (an end: I was unwilling she should have the satisfaction of) Tj T* -0.0727 Tc 0.1927 Tw (knowing I was sensible that she triumphed over me, or that she) Tj T* -0.1222 Tc 0.2422 Tw (should increase her triumph by my despair and complaints. How could she but know herself to be the) Tj T* -0.0761 Tc 0.1961 Tw (person whose name was not known, and how could she help being) Tj T* -0.1069 Tc 0.2269 Tw (filled with tenderness and gratitude, when she learned, by a way) Tj T* -0.0644 Tc 0.1844 Tw (not in the least liable to suspicion, that the Duke, who had) Tj T* -0.0778 Tc 0.1978 Tw (already touched her heart, concealed his passion from the whole) Tj T* -0.0478 Tc 0.1678 Tw (world, and neglected for her sake the hopes of a Crown? >> endobj "Address and dissimulation," replied Monsieur) Tj T* -0.06 Tc 0.18 Tw (de Cleves, "cannot go further than she carried them; observe,) Tj T* -0.0636 Tc 0.1836 Tw (that when Sancerre thought her love to him was abated, it really) Tj T* -0.0591 Tc 0.1791 Tw (was, and she began to love Etouteville; she told the last that he) Tj T* -0.0413 Tc 0.1613 Tw (removed her sorrow for her husband's death, and that he was the) Tj T* -0.0765 Tc 0.1965 Tw (cause of her quitting her retirement; Sancerre believed the cause) Tj T* -0.0602 Tc 0.1802 Tw (was nothing but a resolution she had taken not to seem any longer) Tj T* -0.0994 Tc 0.2194 Tw (to be in such deep affliction; she made a merit to Etouteville of) Tj T* -0.0851 Tc 0.2051 Tw (concealing her correspondence with him, and of seeming forced to) Tj T* -0.1379 Tc 0.2579 Tw (marry him by her father's command, as if it was an effect of the) Tj T* -0.0845 Tc 0.2045 Tw (care she had of her reputation; whereas it was only an artifice) Tj T* -0.0316 Tc 0.1516 Tw (to forsake Sancerre, without his having reason to resent it: I) Tj T* -0.053 Tc 0.173 Tw (must return," continued Monsieur de Cleves, "to see this) Tj T* -0.0647 Tc 0.1847 Tw (unhappy man, and I believe you would do well to go to Paris too;) Tj T* -0.0781 Tc 0.1981 Tw (it is time for you to appear in the world again, and receive the) Tj T* -0.1248 Tc 0.2448 Tw (numerous visits which you can't well dispense with.") /Keywords () BT 90 708.72 TD 0 0 0 rg /F0 12 Tf -0.1085 Tc 0.2285 Tw (raising her up. It is regarded by many as the beginning of the modern tradition of the psychological novel and a great classic work. 0000264083 00000 n endobj 4194 Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.12 Tc 0.24 Tw (Madam de Cleves kneeled at her bedside, and, very luckily for) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0678 Tc 0.1878 Tw (her, with her face from the light: "You know," said the Queen,) Tj T* -0.0398 Tc 0.1598 Tw ("how desirous we have been to find out what had caused so great) Tj T* -0.0928 Tc 0.2128 Tw (a change in the Duke de Nemours; I believe I know it, and it is) Tj T* -0.1209 Tc 0.2409 Tw (what will surprise you; he is desperately in love with, and as) Tj T* -0.0866 Tc 0.2066 Tw (much beloved by, one of the finest ladies of the Court." 3870 << 83 0 obj >> "They are) Tj T* -0.0231 Tc 0.1431 Tw (not," replied the Viscount, "but I would to God they were: you) Tj T* -0.0899 Tc 0.2099 Tw (would not see me in the perplexity I am in; but I must relate the) Tj T* -0.0666 Tc 0.1866 Tw (whole affair to you, to convince you how much I have to fear.) Madam) Tj T* -0.1344 Tc 0.2544 Tw (de Cleves was informed of it, and came in all haste to him; when) Tj T* -0.0971 Tc 0.2171 Tw (she arrived, he was still worse; besides, she observed something) Tj T* -0.0999 Tc 0.2199 Tw (in him so cold and chilling with respect to her, that she was) Tj T* -0.0981 Tc 0.2181 Tw (equally surprised and grieved at it; he even seemed to receive) Tj T* -0.1334 Tc 0.2534 Tw (with pain the services she did him in his sickness, but at last) Tj T* -0.1191 Tc 0.2391 Tw (she imagined it was perhaps only the effect of his distemper.) /Font << endobj << /Size 416 /Type /Page "I learned it from yourself, Madam," replied he;) Tj T* -0.0519 Tc 0.1719 Tw ("but that you may the better pardon the boldness I showed in) Tj T* -0.1348 Tc 0.2548 Tw (listening to what you said, remember if I have made an ill use of) Tj T* -0.0603 Tc 0.1803 Tw (what I heard, if my hopes rose upon it, or if I was the more) Tj T* 0.02 Tc 0.1 Tw (encouraged to speak to you.") << Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.0539 Tc 0.1739 Tw ("I think I owe the affection you have for me, the poor) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0609 Tc 0.1809 Tw (recompsense not to hide from you any of my thoughts, and to let) Tj T* -0.1519 Tc 0.2719 Tw (you see them such as they really are; this in all probability) Tj T* -0.1607 Tc 0.2807 Tw (will be the only time I shall allow myself the freedom to) Tj T* -0.0505 Tc 0.1705 Tw (discover them to you; and I cannot confess without a blush, that) Tj T* -0.0715 Tc 0.1915 Tw (the certainty of not being loved by you, as I am, appears to me) Tj T* -0.1045 Tc 0.2245 Tw (so dreadful a misfortune, that if I had not invincible reasons) Tj T* -0.0654 Tc 0.1854 Tw (grounded on my duty, I could not resolve to subject myself to it;) Tj T* 0.0132 Tc 0.1068 Tw (I know that you are free, that I am so too, and that) Tj T* -0.0713 Tc 0.1913 Tw (circumstances are such, that the public perhaps would have no) Tj T* -0.0696 Tc 0.1896 Tw (reason to blame either you or me, should we unite ourselves) Tj T* -0.0598 Tc 0.1798 Tw (forever; but do men continue to love, when under engagements for) Tj T* -0.1417 Tc 0.2617 Tw (life? 0000409408 00000 n BT 90 708.72 TD 0 0 0 rg /F0 12 Tf -0.0254 Tc 0.1454 Tw (the persons were that disturbed him, but got up in order to avoid) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0835 Tc 0.2035 Tw (the company that was coming towards him, and making a low bow,) Tj T* -0.1021 Tc 0.2221 Tw (which hindered him from seeing those he saluted, he turned into) Tj T* -0.033 Tc 0.153 Tw (another walk.) stream 254 0 obj endobj The interest she had in it gave her an apprehension and) Tj T* -0.0617 Tc 0.1817 Tw (concern which she took no care to conceal; she came up to him) Tj T* -0.0551 Tc 0.1751 Tw (with the Queens, and with a countenance so changed, that one less) Tj T* -0.0998 Tc 0.2198 Tw (concerned than the Chevalier de Guise might have perceived it:) Tj T* -0.1136 Tc 0.2336 Tw (perceive it he immediately did, and was much more intent upon the) Tj T* -0.068 Tc 0.188 Tw (condition Madam de Cleves was in, than upon that of the Duke de) Tj T* -0.1121 Tc 0.2321 Tw (Nemours. BT 90 708.72 TD 0 0 0 rg /F0 12 Tf -0.0598 Tc 0.1798 Tw (trouble her with an account of any that might come to see her;) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0426 Tc 0.1626 Tw (those very strict orders, perhaps, were given with a view to the) Tj T* -0.0499 Tc 0.1699 Tw (Duke, and to prevent her hearing him spoken of; but he was too) Tj T* -0.1082 Tc 0.2282 Tw (much in love to be able to live so absolutely deprived of the) Tj T* -0.0985 Tc 0.2185 Tw (sight of Madam de Cleves; he resolved to find the means, let the) Tj T* -0.0757 Tc 0.1957 Tw (difficulty be what it would, to get out of a condition which was) Tj T* -0.0669 Tc 0.1869 Tw (so insupportable to him.) 4058 /Type /Page 110 0 obj Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.079 Tc 0.199 Tw (If he had known whom he avoided, with what eagerness would he) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0915 Tc 0.2115 Tw (have returned? >> >> /ProcSet 2 0 R /Type /Page I said there was nobody in) Tj T* -0.0804 Tc 0.2004 Tw (whom I entirely confided, that I found people always repented of) Tj T* -0.0852 Tc 0.2052 Tw (having done so, and that I knew a great many things of which I) Tj T* -0.0588 Tc 0.1788 Tw (had never spoke: the Queen told me, she esteemed me the more for) Tj T* -0.0576 Tc 0.1776 Tw (it, that she had not found in France anyone that could keep a) Tj T* -0.0494 Tc 0.1694 Tw (secret, and that this was what had embarrassed her more than) Tj T* -0.0955 Tc 0.2155 Tw (anything else, because it had deprived her of the pleasure of) Tj T* -0.1085 Tc 0.2285 Tw (having a confidant; that nothing was so necessary in life as to) Tj T* -0.0866 Tc 0.2066 Tw (have somebody one could open one's mind to with safety,) Tj T* -0.099 Tc 0.219 Tw (especially for people of her rank. It really is full of knowledge and wisdom Its been developed in an exceptionally easy way and it is just right after i finished reading through this publication by which really altered me, alter the way in my opinion. What! stream 0000088618 00000 n /Font << endobj /F0 6 0 R 35 0 obj << 4102 /Font << >> The King was carried to bed, and the surgeons) Tj T* -0.1283 Tc 0.2483 Tw (having examined his wound found it very considerable. La Princesse de Clèves is a French novel which was published anonymously in March 1678. Madame de La Fayette. << >> The Duke) Tj T* -0.0683 Tc 0.1883 Tw (de Nemours was too much in love to own it, and had always) Tj T* -0.0781 Tc 0.1981 Tw (concealed it from the Viscount, though he valued him the most of) Tj T* -0.078 Tc 0.198 Tw (any man at Court; he answered that one of his friends had told) Tj T* -0.0937 Tc 0.2137 Tw (him this adventure, and made him promise not to speak of it; and) Tj T* -0.0272 Tc 0.1472 Tw (he also conjured the Viscount to keep the secret: the Viscount) Tj T* -0.0931 Tc 0.2131 Tw (assured him he would say nothing of it but notwithstanding) Tj T* -0.0618 Tc 0.1818 Tw (Monsieur de Nemours repented that he had told him so much.) 374 0 obj /Type /Page Nevertheless as she was to carry the Queen-Dauphin's) Tj T* -0.0875 Tc 0.2075 Tw (train, and had been distinguished with that honour in preference) Tj T* -0.0701 Tc 0.1901 Tw (to a great many other Princesses, it was impossible to excuse) Tj T* -0.0878 Tc 0.2078 Tw (herself from it without making a great deal of noise and putting) Tj T* -0.0644 Tc 0.1844 Tw (people upon enquiring into the reasons of it. endobj BT 90 708.72 TD 0 0 0 rg /F0 12 Tf -0.1172 Tc 0.2372 Tw (opposes your inclinations, and I hope you will follow them in) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.1032 Tc 0.2232 Tw (spite of yourself." 0000540182 00000 n /ProcSet 2 0 R 22 0 obj /Parent 386 0 R 0000538078 00000 n /Length 213 0 R 0000220918 00000 n /ProcSet 2 0 R endobj Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.1117 Tc 0.2317 Tw ("As soon as Monsieur d'Anville had told me this news, I) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0872 Tc 0.2072 Tw (acquainted Sancerre with it; I told it him as a secret newly) Tj T* -0.0749 Tc 0.1949 Tw (entrusted with me, and charged him to say nothing of it.) 0000319635 00000 n 4080 << /Length 289 0 R /Length 68 0 R $0.99 . /ProcSet 2 0 R << endobj /Type /Page 0000079709 00000 n /F0 6 0 R >> 0000029448 00000 n 0000306867 00000 n Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.0578 Tc 0.1778 Tw (Mademoiselle de Chartres answered the Queen, that these) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0713 Tc 0.1913 Tw (melancholy presages were so ill-grounded, that they would not) Tj T* 0.0031 Tc 0.1169 Tw (disturb her long, and that she ought not to doubt but her good) Tj T* -0.0749 Tc 0.1949 Tw (fortune would accomplish whatever it promised.) >> 0000250935 00000 n endobj "I have not seen him indeed," answered) Tj T* -0.1229 Tc 0.2429 Tw (she; "I was ill, and I sent one of my women to make my) Tj T* -0.1193 Tc 0.2393 Tw (excuses." BT 90 708.72 TD 0 0 0 rg /F0 12 Tf -0.0487 Tc 0.1687 Tw (would take his wife from Court, without leaving room to suspect) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0859 Tc 0.2059 Tw (any change in her conduct; but the embarrassment he was under) Tj T* -0.0741 Tc 0.1941 Tw (required a speedier remedy than that journey, which was to be) Tj T* -0.0803 Tc 0.2003 Tw (deferred a great while, could afford; he immediately wrote to) Tj T* -0.0909 Tc 0.2109 Tw (Madam de Cleves to acquaint her with what the King had told him,) Tj T* -0.0668 Tc 0.1868 Tw (and gave her to understand he absolutely expected she should) Tj T* -0.0215 Tc 0.1415 Tw (return to Paris. 6 0 obj The Duke de Nemours, who knew the place) Tj T* -0.0612 Tc 0.1812 Tw (well enough to understand what Madam de Martigues said of it,) Tj T* -0.0647 Tc 0.1847 Tw (thought it was not impossible to see Madam de Cleves there,) Tj T* -0.0955 Tc 0.2155 Tw (without being seen by anybody but her. >> Save up to 80% by choosing the eTextbook option for ISBN: 9782011610614, 2011610613. endobj Taschenbuch. stream stream /Length 150 0 R 207 0 obj >> endobj /Type /Page /Parent 158 0 R /Font << /Type /Page Marina Vlady - La princesse de Clèves; Jean Marais - Le prince de Clèves; Jean-François Poron - Jacques, Duke of Nemours; Henri Piégay - Le vidame de Chartres; Annie Ducaux - Diane de Poitiers; Lea Padovani - Catherine de' Medici; References. La Comtesse de Tende. /Kids [271 0 R 275 0 R 278 0 R 281 0 R 284 0 R 287 0 R ] stream But he walked down the alley, and Madam de Cleves) Tj T* -0.0553 Tc 0.1753 Tw (saw him go out at a back door, where his coach waited for him.) 367 0 obj 0000246720 00000 n 0000092727 00000 n 0000451941 00000 n /Type /Pages 0000046588 00000 n /Font << >> 3772 0000162110 00000 n >> 0000388228 00000 n 190 0 obj >> >> >> 386 0 obj /Count 128 1 0 obj >> << BT 90 708.72 TD 0 0 0 rg /F0 12 Tf -0.0759 Tc 0.1959 Tw (disserve; and intrigue and pleasure took up their whole time.) 4179 As they were travelling he began to talk of) Tj T* -0.0809 Tc 0.2009 Tw (love, and exaggerated the pleasure of being in love with a person) Tj T* -0.0736 Tc 0.1936 Tw (that deserved it; he spoke of the fantastical effects of this) Tj T* -0.1091 Tc 0.2291 Tw (passion, and at last not being able to contain within himself the) Tj T* -0.0876 Tc 0.2076 Tw (admiration he was in at the action of Madam de Cleves, he related) Tj T* -0.0475 Tc 0.1675 Tw (it to the Viscount without naming the person, or owning he had) Tj T* -0.0932 Tc 0.2132 Tw (any share in it; but he told it with so much warmth and surprise,) Tj T* -0.0775 Tc 0.1975 Tw (that the Viscount easily suspected the story concerned himself.) /Resources << /Type /Page "Spare me the pain," replied) Tj T* -0.0762 Tc 0.1962 Tw (she, "of repeating to you circumstances which I am ashamed to) Tj T* -0.1012 Tc 0.2212 Tw (have observed, and which have convinced me but too much of my own) Tj T* -0.0638 Tc 0.1838 Tw (weakness." . endobj endobj Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.0791 Tc 0.1991 Tw (These thoughts employed the Duke de Nemours all the day; he) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.108 Tc 0.228 Tw (wished impatiently for the night, and as soon as it came he) Tj T* -0.0684 Tc 0.1884 Tw (returned to Colomiers.