People pay a certain amount of money to stay at the Banja, and their fee includes (in addition to housing) food, and an arrangement of spa services like massages, facials, different therapies, several different pools, and steam rooms, and exercise rooms. Looks like you had an awesome adventure! But, this road trip was something special, very few people can say they’ve taken a road trip around Serbia, but it was more than that. I help busy people travel the world in 1-10 day trips, have magical experiences abroad, and Florida travel inspiration and information. There are fruit trees in the back yard with all kinds of plants, the mountains make up the skyline in the background, and the sounds of farm animals can be heard constantly. But, at this point, I’m used to it. The true beauty of a Balkans road trip is its flexibility. I loved them both and we had a lot of laughs, some tears, and a lot of excitement during the trip. After Niš we drove about 40 minutes to my friend’s family house. It was so nice having someone else drive and schedule everything, I could just sit back and enjoy. If you go in a … As a means of saying, "Thank you," you will also receive my free eBook delivered straight to your inbox. This was where I got my first taste of just how foreign Americans are to Serbians. Archeological findings showed that humans have been at this site since 8,000 BC! We are interested in … Locals say that it’s the best viewpoint in the Tara Mountains. Of course, having a car with a built-in GPS helped immensely! Nous débutons notre voyage au long cours par un road-trip en Serbie. reserve de bois. This man offered me a house in Serbia. When early afternoons rolled around, we would pack up the car and head out for a little adventure, never driving more than an hour or hour and a half away. Sarajevo is also so packed … Driving in the Balkans is not for the faint-hearted but it is one of the … The route for our Serbia road trip was as follows: Nis – Vlasotince – Leskovac – Kuršumlija – Kruševac – Stulac – Studenica Monastery – Novi Pazar – Sopoćani – Zlatibor – Užice – … There’s quite a bit of history within Belgrade itself – as it’s been under the rule of the Ottomans and Austro-Hungarians prior to becoming part of Yugoslavia, then Serbia and Montenegro then finally just Serbia. frontière. Driving itself is part of the pleasures of a trip to Serbia and particularly to Macedonia. The tower was built after the battle of Čegar; a fight between 3,000 Serbians and 70,000 Turks. Serbie, road trip au cœur de l’Europe Serbie, road trip au cœur de l’Europe. End your 3 weeks Balkan road trip itinerary in the bustling capital of Serbia. You can actually buy Prolom water all over Serbia. Devil’s Town consists of several rock formations. From Golubac Fortress, drive 30 minutes down the road to Lepenski Vir. Terzica Avila – Best places to visit in Serbia. Archeological findings showed that humans have been at this site since 8,000 BC! Hey beautiful people, I'm Kelly, short-term travel expert! Finally in 1867, it was officially handed over to Serbia and remains a site to see today! We really took our time seeing different things. We were sitting in a little cafe in Zlatibor having breakfast. After finding a shady parking spot, take some time to meander around town. La bâtisse, autrefois habitée par des moines, da… I got to take an epic Serbia road trip when I visited the country in 2014. The site was once one large settlement and, in the adjacent museum, one could see the skeletons found, their pottery, and sculptures. I enjoyed my time in Belgrade. Sign up to receive the most exciting updates in the travel world and to discover new destinations each month! The capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a focal point for road trips in the Balkans as it is located within driving distance of Belgrade, Montenegro, Zagreb and Dubrovnik. Use your best judgment of course. In Serbia roads are not very good (except in some parts) and there a lots of accidents on the roads (new traffic law just been passed in Serbian … Upon completion of this Serbia road trip with Auto Europe, you will have seen the best sites Serbia has to offer, and some of its greatest off-the-beaten-path sites too! The busiest day of the road trip began with a trip to see a magnificent cave called Stopica pecina. The area itself is also quite beautiful. I’ve always wanted to visit Serbia, and it sounds like a road-trip is an amazing way to see the country! My other favorite part of the road trip (besides Devil’s Town) was the train ride we took around Mokra Gora. Because I can’t tell you how someone 200 years ago made food. He is Serbian, but lived in Chicago for thirty-something years. I needed to point out inaccuracy in your article. During the Middle Ages, this was the site of many battles between the Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of Hungary. It is a mountain ski resort in Serbia, which I learned is quite popular and well known throughout Europe. This again, made me sad (which is a common theme when visiting Serbia it seems) but then again, I haven’t seen a fraction of the sites in my own country. And I had two wonderful guides explaining all the history and legends of their culture, a hundred times better than any other guide I’ve had while traveling. “They all want to get out Kelly, out of Serbia. After the skull tower, we spent a few leisurely hours walking around Niš fortress, taking pictures of old walls, storage units, and graves. We ended the day with a hike to a waterfall, and dinner overlooking a valley. I solemnly swear to only send you emails related to traveling, working remotely, and monetizing your social media following. I spent 2 nights in Belgrade before completing the rest of this itinerary. Upon disembarking our plane, we made our way to the car rental counter and were taken to our brand new Citroen C3 – it still had that new car smell! Just as we were about to leave, he told me that he would marry me for free if I found a husband in Serbia. In fact, Belgrade has had more wars on its soil than any other European capital and has been completely destroyed 44 times over its history. In fact, Belgrade has had more wars on its soil than any other European capital and has been completely destroyed 44 times over its history. On your final day, grab yourself a crepe at a stall by the lake in Zlatibor, pack your bags, and start the drive back to Belgrade! I liked going into a meat shop, choosing different meats, some wrapped in bacon (oh my gosh), and going home to feast. Always stopping for a good hour or two to drink a great cup of coffee and just talk. For the equivalent of around $6, you can take a 2.5-hour train ride in the mountains. Serbia is one of those countries where you just simply need a rental car in order to experience all that it has to offer! Or switch to flying. When I arrived back in Belgrade, my other friends told me I had seen things that most Serbians had never seen. On your way back to Belgrade, stop by Kosmaj Spomenik, a monument in Central Serbia dedicated to the partisans who fought the German occupation just south of Belgrade during WWII. I imagine myself owning a house in Zlatibor, making money off of the guests that visit. If you're planning a road trip to Belgrade, you can research locations to stop along the way. I was road tripping with my Serbian friend, who I had met in the US, and his girlfriend. And although he kept a joking tone, he was not joking. The US is the stuff of dreams.” I shook my head. It was a great little mountain resort. I have friends from Novi Sad, whom I follow on IG but met in Macedonia; they are always showing off the delights of their cultural capital. It is very rare for a town and church to bear the same name, and, even rarer that the bones of St. Prokopija are located inside the church’s walls. We sat down to coffee, and wine, and chatted a bit. I learned a bit about it while studying with some folks of all parts of former Yugoslavia – there is still some animosity amongst them and also toward Americans because of our involved in the 1990s. I buy some honey, and my friend’s girlfriend buys some blackberries, which we devour. As we’re wandering around the resort, we encountered men selling a few trinkets and some food. I didn't have any issues at the … La Serbie est un petit état des Balkans occidentaux. The trip made me fall in love with Serbia even more. We began and ended our journey in my friends’ hometown, and the capital city of Serbia, Belgrade. The Turks, upset by the loss, gathered the skulls of the dead Serbians and built the tower, trying to instill fear in the Serbian people. On Day 5, travelling from Novi Sad you say: “From Novi Sad, prepare for a bit of a drive as you head to Eastern Serbia. The people whom Americans think are dangerous. It could have been awkward, being the third wheel, and messing up their romantic vacation, but neither ended up being the case. I also tried punjena paprika (stuffed paprika), musaka (3 layers of potatoes, mashed meat, and more potatoes), Ćevapi (a kind of minced meat that is served in finger-like pieces), and pljeskavica (which looks like a hamburger). My friend sweet-talked a guard, and we were able to go where most tourists were not allowed: to stand under a hole hundreds of feet above us, at the top of the cave. Hello, I am planning a road trip across Serbia (4 days) and Bosnia (4 days). The above framework takes you through seven countries and can be done comfortably in 10-12 days. Trips to Niš, Devil’s Town, Prolom Banjas, Kopaonik, Trips to Aleksandrovacka Zupa, Mokra Gora, Drvengrad, Stopica, Sirogojno. A day later, we took a stroll to see the best overlook of the town of Prokuplje, and to stop by a small 10th-century orthodox church, the church of St. Prokopije, on our way. Massively outnumbered, and with the knowledge of being captured, Steven Sindjelic, a Serbian militant, shot a gun powder magazine, killing thousands of Turks, and the few remaining Serbs, to cause the enemy as many losses as possible. Eating all the wonderful food! It was quite relaxing. Retour. While it’s not enough time to see everything, you’ll get a good feed for the city. God heard the cry and turned the wedding guests to rock, and they are still standing there today. Before we could leave the church the priest grabbed us, I’m not sure if he was just being nice or knew I was American and was, again, fascinated. Meeting and interacting with so many Serbians, and not feeling like I was abiding in a sea of tourists. After the train ride we made our way to Drvengrad, perhaps the most popular, or at least well known, town in Serbia, thanks to movie magic. Kopaonik was the next site on our list. I solemnly swear to only send you emails related to traveling, being a digital nomad, and monetizing your blog and social media following. I highly recommend doing all of the free walking tours offered each and every day, as they will give you great insight into the city. And we ate well! The open road in front of you, the opportunity to go wherever you want, whenever you want, and do whatever you want. The tower still stands today, but not as a symbol of fear, but as a symbol of the brave actions of the Serbians. My friend pointed out onto the formations, “before they put up these barriers, when I was little, I crawled out onto the rocks.” I eyed the barrier, and with a grin, hopped over the fence (which looking back was a foolish, idiotic thing to do) I walked out onto those formations, staring at those structures, which are the source of so many Serbian legends. Of course, having a car with a built-in GPS helped immensely! Ride the Sargan 8 and wander through Drvengrad. Finally in 1867, it was officially handed over to Serbia and remains a site to see today! Tirana, Albania (3-4 Days) Tirana is the capital and largest city in Albania but by no means the only … This is commonly referred to as “the first city in Europe,” so it was definitely a necessity on our European Road Trip. You can reserve a car on several big websites like kayak or Expedia. And if you haven’t spent one day in Belgrade yet, be sure to spend some time wandering around this awesome city. So, there we are, in a restaurant, speaking English (which is not a common occurrence in Serbia) when this older man approaches us. The conversation is pleasant enough until the man talks about how I should marry his son so his son could get a visa to come to the United States. I love the food in Serbia. Since we weren’t part of a tour for Uvac, nor knew enough Serbian to book ourselves tickets on the Sargan 8, we went for option one. It’s dangerous because things can fall through the hole (one drunk guy was actually killed when he fell through that very hole). Destination encore épargnée du tourisme de masse, le Monténégro est l’endroit idéal pour s’aventurer en voyage, explorer, se sentir libre mais plus encore, se sentir vivre. With plenty of Hungarian influence in their architecture, Novi Sad has a completely different feel from Belgrade. Continue Reading…. I’m Sarah Gallo, The Five Foot Traveler, and I choose to dream out loud. You’ll finish up in Sremski Karlovci by noon, then hop in your car and drive to Novi Sad! I couldn’t believe that this priest took so much time just to talk to my friends and me. Jess || There are many legends surrounding Devil’s Town, the one I heard goes like this: a group of God-fearing people once lived in the town; they were very pious, religious people. Find the best hotels, restaurants, and attractions based … Here is the perfect 7 day itinerary! Lepenski Vir very well may have been the birthplace of civilization in Europe! bienvenue en serbie. it takes a stop in every town in Serbia after 1 hour. At first I thought, this guy is joking. The views from the car are amazing, I tried taking pictures through the window-some of them turned out surprisingly well. Spend at least one day in Belgrade seeing the main attractions. The train stopped every 15 minutes or so for people to get off and take pictures. If you’re thinking that this route is going criss-cross – you’re wrong. We slept in a floating hotel on the Danube! Meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn compensation if you click through and make a purchase. And I loved drinking in an assortment of coffee shops and spending hours just pleasantly chatting. Serbie. I think I impress them when I pronounce Živeli, the traditional Serbian cheers, and down my shot, wishing them all good health. It was quite an experience to light a candle and pray for my family back in the US, and my uncle who died several months before, in the quietness of the church, the ritual was very moving. From Novi Sad, prepare for a bit of a drive as you head to Eastern Serbia. Soak in the untouched natural beauty this country has to offer, dive into its history, and enjoy your drive! For the next leg of our journey, we decided to splurge and spend a few nights hanging around a mountain resort called Zlatibor. And it worked; although he killed about 100 surviving Serbs (all 3,000 Serbians ended up dying in battle), he also managed to kill 10,000 Turks. It’s Serbia’s second largest city, but it certainly doesn’t feel that way.